4 Insider Tips to Help You Sell On Facebook Marketplace in Australia

4 Insider Tips to Help You Sell On Facebook Marketplace in Australia

Facebook Marketplace was launched in Australia in October 2016, to help Facebook’s following not only share how their day was with friends, but also sell and buy from them. Since then, it has rivaled the reigning masters eBay and Gumtree and facilitated millions of transactions among friends in close communities. It is time you took advantage of this growing trend to give up some of the stuff cluttering your storage for top dollar. These four tips have been revealed by Facebook experts, and will give you a sure head start:

Use a competitive pricing strategy

Before you set a price for your item, scout other sellers selling the same or similar items and see what their price is. The marketplace has a feature that brings you this information so that you can make a smarter decision.

Moreover, for better selling success, allow for haggling. Set a slightly higher price for your item so that even if your buyer takes it for a lower price, you get the exact amount you wanted for it. Besides, on a lucky day, you may get a buyer that won’t bargain, and you get to pocket some extra cash.

Monitor the analytics on your item

Facebook Marketplace encourages you to watch the number of people who have clicked your ad. If the numbers are low, it means that your ad isn’t appealing and you need to adjust your price, include more product specs or upload more pictures of it.

Follow demand patterns

Demand for certain products rises and falls with various external factors such as weather, prices, and consumers’ tastes. Pay particular attention to these factors to make sure you sell your product at peak demand for a reasonable price. For instance, if you try to sell your heavy fur coat in the summer, very few buyers will pay attention to it.

Verify out your buyers

Before you close a deal with a buyer, go through their public wall to get a general idea of the person you are dealing with. If you like whatever you see, go ahead with the sale, if you don’t, you can ignore them.


Safety first! Listen to your instincts keenly and pay attention to any red flags that you may notice. Have someone with you when a buyer comes to collect, and request for cash up front to avoid being deceived.

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