5 Steps That Illustrate How to Sell Products on Facebook Store

5 Steps That Illustrate How to Sell Products on Facebook Store

Facebook has created several avenues for reputable businesses to offer up their products to its two billion fans. The best platform is Facebook Store, which can be set up through your business’ Facebook Business page. If this feature is combined with an e-commerce service such as Shopify or BigCommerce, your online store will grow in leaps and bounds. These few points will show you how to set these features all up and get them running for the benefit of your business:

Create a Facebook business page

You need a Facebook page to set up a Facebook store. If you do not already have a page, log in to your personal account and select ‘create,’ ‘page’ then ‘business or brand’ option for your business. Fill in your business’ name and other relevant information in the given fields then upload a suitable high-definition cover photo and logo. When all this is set up, create a call-to-action button from the option on the left panel of your page labeled ‘add a button.’ This button will create more leads on your page and thus generate more sales.

Set up a Facebook store

Once your page is ready, click on the ‘Shop’ option to start creating your store. In case you don’t see the ‘Shop’ option, change your page theme to a shopping theme through your page settings. Creating your shop is essentially agreeing to Facebook’s terms for its stores and setting up your currency and checkout facilities. Simply agree to those terms and click ‘Continue.’ The next step helps you select a check out option that works for you. The best option is ‘Check out on another site’ as ‘Message to buy’ is inconvenient and will, therefore, affect sales. The ‘other site’ should be a user-friendly e-commerce site. After that, set up your preferred currency of trade.

· Add products to your store

Click on ‘Add products’ to start adding the products you wish to sell. Use vibrant and high-definition images to grip your shop’s visitors’ attention.

· Integrate an e-commerce platform

These specialized platforms not only provide check out options but also offer inventory management solutions. The best among these are BigCommerce, Shopify and Ecwid.

· Market your Facebook store

This final step will help drive traffic to your shop and stimulate sales. You can promote your store by inviting your friends to drop by, participate in Facebook groups and Facebook Ads.


Facebook Stores is a powerful tool for reaching out to potential customers. Integrating it with an e-commerce platform may present an additional cost, but is highly recommended for better sales and storefront management.

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